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I have bicycle seat butt.

This is the best reason to go for weekly bike rides.

When in school, I rode the bike daily.  Everywhere.  To school, home from school, to the store – extra tips to and from school, to the girls’ school for parent-teacher conferences, then back to my school.

Since I finished school, I have been on the bike ZERO times.  That would be since May 18th.

Today, I spent the day on the bike.  It was great.

I was not tired, because I’ve been exercising close to daily (other than in Europe, when Beloved and I walked 4,315 miles per day, so it was okay), and I’m pretty strong right now.

But now, I can’t walk.


My butt bones hurt.

I may need a new seat.

No, I DO need a new seat.

But I should also ride more often.

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Growth and Activity

Growth: E’s bike suddenly looks like it was made for a 4 year old. Her seat kept twisting around funky, so we stopped to check, and the reason was that I had pulled it up too high, beyond the “max” line without realizing it, trying to get it at the right height for her. When we put it back down to the “max” line, her knees were too high, and she looked silly.

Two days after she tried on last year’s cleats to find that she would have to take some lessons from the REAL wicked step-sisters in the REAL Cinderella before she could wear them.

Come spring I shall take her out and buy her a new bike. It will be shockingly large. I can’t believe how tall she is. And how old. And how beautiful. (And how, despite all that, so very capable of whining.)

Activity: Earlier in the week I checked the weather and saw that today was to be 60 and sunny. 60. Ahhhh. Almost sweater-weather! My favorite time of year. Beloved and I pouted that we are so strapped until my job begins that even a Zipcar for the day would be foolish. But then I said, “Hey! This is stupid! We don’t need a car, we have bikes, and we have legs, and we can do things!”

So we planned a bike ride and a picnic.

We had a really nice time. E was a little whiny because her bike was not so comfortable, as tiny as it was. That made J a little whiny, b/c she wanted to go FAST and could not, because her sister was whiny and slow.


We picnicked in the same exact spot on the Esplanade along the Charles River that we had watched the fireworks from. That was fun. Soon after arrived, this group of … people … showed up with their instruments. There was a cymbal and a trumpet and a french horn, and at least 2 other instruments. They stood on either side of the bike path, and when people came by, the musicians improvised a – theme song? I didn’t agree with their musical choices. They made really chaotic and curly sounding music for bikes, as if bicycles are frantic and disorganized in their motion. They played a durge for every stroller that went by – perhaps that was more social commentary than a bad musical choice – but I didn’t like it. One tubby boy (with the french horn) started to actually chase people down while tooting his horn at them, and I found that quite off-putting. Actually, if I were biking or jogging or strolling along and had people playing music in my face, I would have been irritated. As an observer, I wasn’t irritated until tubby-boy started to get aggressive. When we packed up our blanket after eating, J and I rode our bikes on the grass, putting some trees between ourselves and the musical commentators. E and Beloved brazenly rode through them, giggling all the way.

We also had an unfortunate experience with a yellow jacket. I’m not proud of my behavior, but I hope that in the end, I made it right, and do not have nasty yellow-jacket karma floating around in the universe, waiting to bite me in the ass.

Also important to note: While riding on the Esplanade, we passed by a 3rd year associate who works at my future employer. Said associate was outside, strolling, smiling and hand-holding on the weekend. Doesn’t this mean that life will be grand, and I will not, one week from tomorrow, be wholly consumed by work to the exclusion of outings such as this one? I say it does, in fact, mean precisely that.

All in all (despite the exhaustion felt by all of us when we returned home – 5 hours later) a great day.

Proof of the beautiful day, and that fall is in fact in the air (and leaves):


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