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This is becoming a familiar feeling.

Where I avoid the news – paper, broadcast, internet – all damned day.  I do it purposefully.  If I accidentally click on my usual news sites, I quickly steer away.  If a blogger I enjoy dares speak of the AVOIDED, I again, click away.

Even when 70% of the stories ask if it was “soon enough” or whether the lead was anything more than negligible.  Even if they trash her for her negativity and her attempts at re-writing the rules:








I don’t even know that I can put my finger on why.

Perhaps it’s because I can’t put my finger on WHY Hillary won’t just fucking crash & burn.  I don’t understand why people like her.  Why they vote for her despite her shittiness – the way she comports herself, the bullshit “misstatements” that she makes, her quasi-republicanism, her negativity, her miscategorizations.

Maybe I am just unhappy.  Unhappy to think that it’s true that a Black Man still can’t be president in this country. (And yes, I fully believe that a very large part of the results in Pennsylvania are due to racism.  The polls that I heard a week ago and two weeks ago were very racist, and very clear that the “rural” residents of the state would NOT vote for an African-American.)  And that a member of his own party will exploit this fact.  Will revel in it.

Maybe I am unhappy because once again, I am apparently worlds away from the vibe of this country.

I don’t want to let go of the hopefulness that something different could happen NOW.  In the wake of the crap that we’ve been handed over the past 8 years.  But not only does Hillary’s apparent semi-popularity dash my hopefulness — so does Obama’s lack of remarkability in the past weeks.  I am not sure I would go so far as to say he was unfaithful to the image I had at the start – the promise he offered and reinforced with his outstanding speech on race – but he’s stopped being remarkable.

I want remarkable.

I still see no sign that if he makes it to the white house, we will have more of the same.

You know,

Bush – Clinton – Bush – Clinton


I know that the actual numbers make the pattern hugely unlikely.  But I wanted him to blaze through.  I wanted for us all to stand up and clap and shout as he made his way.  I didn’t want us to be clamouring for public perception and crossing our fingers that her bullying doesn’t work.

So I’m squirming.  But I’m squirming while I continue to donate, and while waiting for the discomfort to go away so I can start to hope again.

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I spoke with the other mom.  I was clear about my goals – I was careful not to spew accusations.

J sort of changed the landscape, because at school today – she got up the guts to say “I don’t want to be your BFF anymore.”

The reaction was tearful silence.

instead of calling the mom to say “your daughter is mean to my daughter” I had to call and say “I think my daughter hurt your daughter’s feelings.”

I tried to explain my hopes that our involvement – as loving and involved parents – can prevent our children from devolving into she-devils.

I think I’m optimistic.

I made it clear that if I am 100% wrong (I don’t think I am, and as of right now, either does the other mom) and my daughter is actually a meany-butt, I want to know, and I will deal with it.  I received similar promises in exchange.

I plan to organize a group outing for Saturday – several girls – including J and the ex-BFF – to go to the pool or to a movie or something.

I have to believe that kids are not evil, and that with a little support and encouragement, and a little bit of reinforcement that we are good people – we respect each other – they will follow suit.  They can watch their mothers talk, and they can watch us push aside our instincts – not our good instincts, but our mean-nasty-rip-her-throat-out-instincts — they can, too.  They can take deep breaths and realize that compromise and cooperation serve our interests more than do domination and castration.

Oh wait – we’re girls.

We can’t be castrated.

But whatever.

I want a KIND child.  I want a respectful child.

But a kind, respectful child who is no-one’s doormat.


(and certainly not the doormat of her nasty-ass politician husband – Jesus, Sue – did you have to be so damned inflammatory?)

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Politics & Personal

My parents are (of course?) republicans.  They are conservatives – socially, fiscally (they are part of the group that says “yeah! The government can’t take all my money!” thinking that they are part of the “rich” that the Republicans work so hard to protect.  They’re well off, but they’re middle class well off – not “rich”) and on matters of foreign affairs.

So the other day, when my mom told me she was thinking of voting for Obama, I was a little perplexilated.

We talked a little more today, and she did some of those “who’s your candidate” quizzes.  She said Romney and Edwards were her top matches.  She said she’s off to do research on Edwards.

But Clinton also came up as a high percentage for her, and her reaction was visceral.  “I would NEVER vote for them!  NEVER!!!”

And so here we have it.  Hilary’s unelectability in the face of tired and unhappy republicans.

IF there are Republicans who are tired and battle sore after these past 8 years of Georgie-Porgy, and they are tired of the hate and the aggression and the fear, and they are feeling ready for something different – shouldn’t they have a Democrat that they can vote for without barfing?

My mom’s Hilary-knee-jerk is stronger and more passionate than her tiredness.  Hatred is more passionate than exhaustion just by definition, I think.

Reason #456 why Hilary should pack up her things and go home.  Hopefully New Hampshire will second (third?) that motion.

[a long break between writing this and pushing “publish” finds me revisiting what I wrote and wondering — are the conservatives’ [esp. religious conservatives] distrust of women soooo deep that they allow themselves the hatred?  If it were a different woman running for office, would they have another reason to hate her – something which has nothing to do with the fact that she was married to Bill and has all of that baggage?  I am inclined to think they would.  They would find a reason to hold onto … but I still don’t like her.  I’m convinced that my reasons have NOTHING to do with my past affiliation with the Clinton-bashers.  If you try to say otherwise, I will stick my fingers in my ears and make obnoxious noises.]

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I had blogging material.

I don’t remember it.


No, wait.

I’ve decided that men are, in fact, sexist animals.

Just because the person who organized the group-gift for the legal assistants is female does NOT MEAN that she is your mother.

She CANNOT front you and your male colleagues hundreds of dollars.  She CANNOT sign your names on a card.

Why is it always the females who initiate this stuff, anyway? 


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