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Just didn’t do it for me.  I like Brooke, Amanda and Carly.  The rest can come or go, I don’t care.  (Although I most prefer for Katie and Kristie Lee – is that their names? –  to go bye-bye).  I spent most of the time looking for a video of David Cook’s performance to show J, because she wasn’t allowed to watch it on Tuesday night.

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{Before I get started:  Sue first of all, I know I owe you doggie biscuits. Your stupid-ass team won fair and square, and while I’m LATE, I’m not welching on my bet.  I’m just waiting to see if I’m sending for two or for one – did Mr. Nim get his way?  Or are the pants firmly belted at your waist?  Second of all – Leave me the fuck alone.  If I want to watch American Idol, I’m going to watch American Idol.  So shut up.}


First of all.  I think dred guy is so fucking adorable.  I just love his face.  I like long hair – I don’t necessarily like it in dreds.  But there’s something about long hair on guys that I find really [cute?]

I don’t know that I think he’s all that great.  Other than by his eyes, and white teeth, and prettiness, I’m not really moved by him.  I also didn’t want to know that dreds “come off.”  Gross.

[Simon called him brilliant!  I just do not share that man’s taste.]

I told E when we started this show that I was not voting, but she could.

Instead, I am voting for 3 people.

1)  Little David.  (David A.) I wasn’t thrilled with his version of Imagine last week, with everyone else falling all over their puddles of drool – but tonight – the little boy, in my opinion, was amazing.  Just amazing.

2)  The other little boy.  The gay one.  I hated his interview, and I hated his text-message-talk.  And I was less than thrilled with his attitude with Simon afterward.  But his performance, in my opinion, rocked.

3) Uh, that cute boy?  The one who did The Breakfast Club Song?  I think his name is Michael [Recap says he’s Michael Johns].  I thought he did a great job.

4)  {yeah.  from my #s, it looks like I’m not voting for David A., I’m voting for the Hello dude.  David A. doesn’t need me.}

Others who I think were good but who don’t need my vote:  “Hello” (the Lionel Richie song) – holy shit.  He was really amazing.  It gave me chills;  Long Hair Boy.  Even if his dred did fall off.  He didn’t give me chills, but he’s not going anywhere.

People who should go bye-bye:  Chikezie … i didn’t think it was as unique as those I mentioned above.  It wasn’t different-enough.  Luke … whoever thinks that Wham should be given another shot is just totally fucked up.  No way.

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With who?

Why, my offspring of course.

Look.  The truth is — we watch American Idol.  Is this proof that we’re classy?

Uhh …. no.

Is it evidence against the fact that we are?

No to that, too.

The rule is:  All homework must be done.

E, in 6th grade, has missed a few of the audition shows because her homework wasn’t done.  American Idol is not a priority.  It’s a luxury.

Tonight, the trade off for this luxury was a rather reasonable plan for chores.

During the first two commercials, it was J’s job to empty first the top and then the bottom of the dishwasher.

During the second two, it was E’s job to first load the dishwasher and then clear the table.

They both did their chores cheerfully and without complaint.



Without complaint!!!

I was/am very, very proud.

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my superficial post

  • I got my haircut.  It is so short – my stylist had to use a razor in the back.  Just the back.  The front is longer.
  • i got new hair products.  they cost me real money.
  • I decided that short hair meant I need to use eye make up.  My eye are too small.
  • So yeah — I have really changed my appearance since I started work.
  • I went from a super-long pony tail ALL THE TIME and zero make up …
  • to a short, sculpted bob, and shaded eyes and lips.
  • My mom got me a new blow dryer for Christmas.
  • Today, with the new products and the new dryer … my hair was 1000% obedient.
  • When I fluffed it up – it looked windblown and fluffy.
  • When I dried downward, it looked straight and sleek.
  • What the fuck?
  • That’s not my hair.
  • My hair has a mind of its own.
  • Still does, really – b/c it’s still grey.
  • Or at least, 12% gray.
  • Which, really, is a lot.
  • I like it short.
  • The end.

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I went to a fancy-pants salon last night, and chopped my hair.  It went from (mostly) all one length, often pulled in a pony tail, to not all one length, and impossible to put in a pony tail.

It’s very short, longer near the face, less than an inch at the nape of the neck, with lots of layers.

So far, I love it.  I know I’ll have to keep up with maintenance more than I’m used to, but I feel ready.

I did not do any color, although I’d been toying with red.  My stylist said no red – not for me – I should do gold highlights.

But I have gold highlights.

So I think I’ll just stick with my own color.

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