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Years old!

Today was my birthday.

Through fantastic home cooked meals, disproportionate investments by offspring, phone calls from loved ones, and yes, Facebook Wall posts, I felt as loved and celebrated as I wanted to.

And through 10s of thousands of documents that HAD to be reviewed today, and the ever-growing to-do list at work and at home (i.e., kids’ school commitments, which may or may not include, oh, i don’t know, producing a major school play????), I was reminded that 3 dozen is far from 3.  Or One Dozen.  I am old.  And my birthday does not matter all that much, except to those who are dear to me.  And I thank them for their love and consideration.

Onward !!!  (because tomorrow is Beloved’s birthday!  And I have gifts to wrap, and a cake to wrap!!!)

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My parents are gone.  We had a ridiculously productive weekend.  Ridiculously.  We painted (no, they painted), we moved things to the new place, we packed boxes, we cleaned.    I bought a dining room table, we put it together, we put chairs together.  We did a LOT.  Some samples of the highlights, if you can look past the still-bare walls and relative lack of furniture (that will come later in the month).

Dining room.

Dining room.

and also:

E's Room

E's Room

Our current place is in shambles.  I’m not sure how it will cease to be a mess and start to be an organized system.  It’s just a mess.  The rooms that aren’t a mess are that way because nothing has gotten done in them yet.  Not good.  I’m going to try to sort some of it out tonight.  Even though I should be getting work done, instead.  I’m not going to, I’ve decided.  It may mean I have to work late tomorrow, but, since I’m home alone this week, that doesn’t much matter.

Home alone this week.

Beloved left for his 10-day school residency on Wednesday morning (he comes home Friday, so 10 days).  I had plans for Wednesday night, and then my parents came to town on Thursday night.  This morning, when I woke up, semi-relieved that my parents (and their shouting through the house) would be leaving later in the day, I started to miss him!!

I’m doing my best to focus on getting things done, and to ENJOY my time to myself, since I crave it when I don’t have it.

I will not mope.

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